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Schulhof Rashidi Architects is a partnership that builds on over 25 years of experience on a wide range of award winning cultural, institutional and residential projects. We approach our work with joy as a priority and hope to engender that response in both our clients and the community that will experience our projects. 

Our approach to design stems from a shared history of practice that defines not only our common roots, but our mutual desire to participate in an exuberant approach to design that celebrates possibilities and embraces challenges. 
We are designers that believe in the rigorous exploration of site, materiality and craft in the creation of memorable and beloved environments. Our experience has equipped us with the ability to navigate the most complex challenges of program, budget and schedule, without sacrificing enriching spatial experiences or construction of lasting quality. 
We believe in solutions that are rooted in the communities we serve. Through the expanded lens of affordability, sustainability and design equity, we make room for a plurality of voices as part of the design process.

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