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Charlottesville, VA

Project was completed with Azadeh Rashidi as an Associate at W.G. Clark and Associates

The addition replaces a family room, itself an addition to a house designed by Milton Grigg and completed in 1933. The existing room was partially embedded in a steep embankment and was a dark space with little connection to the rest of the house. The client wanted a family room that could have an open feel and provide connection to the rear yard. The addition was to also accommodate an office that could double as a guest room.

The double height addition is wrapped in an L shaped gray stucco wall that creates visual privacy from adjacent properties. Inserted into this volume is a second story office space that is accessed by a spiral staircase set in an apse. Below the office, the family enjoys a more intimate scale of occupancy, shielded by a wood vitrine with translucent glazing.

The glazed south facade opens to a newly designed landscape by Gregg Bleam and blurs the boundary between interior and exterior space. The roof projects to help shade the interior in the summer months. Between the existing house and the addition is a one story connective space that serves a rear entrance to the house, with built in storage and a dining nook that connects to the existing kitchen.

Azadeh and WG Clark designed the addition and she served as the Project Architect for the addition while an Associate at WG Clark and Associates. The project was completed in 2007.

Photography by Scott Smith

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