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New York, NY

Project design was completed with Azadeh Rashidi as a Senior Project Manager at Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects + Partners

David Geffen Hall, home of the New York Philharmonic, underwent a major renovation that involved the complete reshaping of the concert hall and a reimagining of all public spaces. TWBTA was specifically tasked with the design of the public spaces and Azadeh served as a senior Project Manager for the renovation. A major goal of the institution was to transform the building to be more flexible and more inviting. Every public space was designed to be multipurpose, maximizing the programmatic viability of the building.

The ground floor program included a welcoming lobby that is open to the general public throughout the day.A new cafe provides light snacks and drinks throughout the day. The digital wall in the lobby will not only display commissioned art pieces, but can also show live simulcast of events and concerts in the Hall, free of charge. Anchoring the lobby on the SE corner, is a new Welcome Center that serves as the box office for the Lincoln Center campus.The SW corner is occupied by a bustling new restaurant. Former offices that occupied the ground floor were all moved to the top tier, freeing up the NE corner of the building for the Sidewalk Studio, which is a new performance space that faces Broadway.

The Grand Promenade is the center of activity for those attending concerts. Two new overlooks are hung from the roof above to further activate this space and augment the communal experience of attending a performance. Seven new bars have been added throughout the tiers, including a 50 foot long bar at the center of the Grand Promenade. Above the Grand Promenade, hidden above the shaped, acoustic ceiling, are a network of catwalks and theatrical hoists that enhance the technical capabilities of the space, allowing Lincoln Center to host a wide array of events.

One tier above the Grand Promenade are the Patron Lounge and the Music Box, two new spaces created on the northern corners of the building. Once again, the spaces are designed to be multi-use and display the activities within the building to the larger audience that is the city of New York.

The rich materiality of the project provides an elegant backdrop for the myriad of events that take place within the building. The materials are selected for their durability and visual interest, replacing what was a neutral interior with the liveliness that a public building that fronts Broadway and Josie Robertson Plaza must possess.

Photographer: Michael Moran

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