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Dubuque, Iowa

Schulhof Rashidi Architects (SRA) was selected by The Dubuque Museum of Art (DuMA) in 2023 to design a new Museum of Art campus. The selection concluded a highly competitive search conducted in collaboration with Anser Advisory. 43 firms from around the world had responded. The new Museum will be a centerpiece for a revitalized downtown, creating an entire campus centered on the Museum’s current location and a deeper connection to nearby Washington Park and the surrounding blocks.

The project envisions the museum building at the center of an arts campus to draw visitors to the area. The space surrounding the new DuMA will be as important as the building itself, the two working together to build a cultural and architectural ecosystem with a “24-hour presence,” serving the public whether the Museum is open or closed.

The process of designing began with SRA visiting Dubuque for an immersive listening tour in which they met with Museum staff, civic leaders and residents. A community advisory committee including artists, parents, activists, educators, retirees and young professionals ensure that a wide range of perspectives and needs are incorporated throughout the design process. Several central ideas emerged during the listening tour that will become pillars of the design process. The key will be creating a flexible and magnetic exterior space for programming with transparent transitions to the Museum building itself.

Video Credit: Gigantic

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