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Charlottesville, VA

Project was completed with Azadeh Rashidi as an Associate at W.G. Clark and Associates

The 6,800 SF East Addition to the architecture school at the University of Virginia serves as the new face of the architecture school and consists of three new review spaces along with the vertical and horizontal circulation that connect the building to the existing architecture school. Eschewing the model of the dark, hermetic classrooms that exist in Campbell Hall, the addition creates review rooms that can be light filled while accommodating the requisite pin up surface that the program calls for. Pivoting pin up walls double the capacity for display, while allowing for transparency. The facade is conceived of as a collage of student work, with translucent glazing through which the work can register. Additionally, fold down tables are built into the facade and can be deployed so that the rooms can also be used for small seminars.

Site stairs create a new and more direct connection to the lecture spaces on the lower level of the existing building, adding a new courtyard and reception space outside of the main lecture hall.

Azadeh and WG Clark designed the addition and she served as Project Architect through the design phases of the project. SMBW Architects in Richmond, VA served as Architect of Record for the addition. The project was completed in 2008.

2009 AIA VA Honor Award for Excellence in Design“
Old School, New School:University of Virginia” Architecture Magazine 2012

Photography by Scott Smith

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